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Hello freaks and makeup geeks,

As promised, we are back to the makeup today. This product I’m reviewing today is by no means a ‘new’ product. I’ve been working on this review… practically all summer. I wanted this to be a true review, so I’ve been working with this product pretty regularly all summer long. I purchased it probably around April or May, and I’ve been using it relatively consistently all summer long. Today, I’m going to review Benefit’s Bigger than BB Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector. THAT is a long name. In truth, I’m not really sure which information on the packaging constitutes the actual name of the product. There’s a lot of information on there, and it’s hard to decipher. Here’s what we’re dealing with:

image (3)

The packaging is nice, but like I said, it’s hard to tell what the actual name of the product is. I assume that “Big Easy” is the primary name, because it’s in big letters. But there’s a lot of information on this product. It’s got an SPF of 35, it’s a liquid-to-powder formula, and it’s oil free. On the back of the packaging it says, “This multi-balancing complexion perfector melts into skin like a cream, yet finishes lightweight & smooth like a powder. One & done… BIG EASY saves the day!”

The formula is nice, it’s thick, and it’s creamy. I use the lightest shade, 01 Fair. As far as the color goes, I’ll say that it’s among my favorite BB creams. I tend to have the problem that a lot of BB creams look too yellow on me. This one seems to have a nice neutral tone. It isn’t yellow, but it also isn’t pink either. It doesn’t oxidize yellow either. It just seems to match my natural skin tone, which is really refreshing. It seems to have decent coverage, and the product claims to be buildable, which I’d say is accurate, to an extent. When I did the wear test, which I’ll get to in a moment, I didn’t use concealer, I just built up the coverage over problem areas. I’d say it’s about light to medium coverage with one layer, and can be built up to about medium coverage. You’re never going to get full coverage with this product, it is, after all, a BB cream. The product melts into the skin nicely, and even after building it up, it doesn’t feel heavy. However, I would say that if you have oily skin or if you have combination skill like me, you are going to need to powder it. It simply doesn’t last all day without a powder. I’d also say that as a general rule, since it is a BB cream and not a foundation, it tends to have less wear time that your normal foundation does. It melts into your skin relatively quickly, and if you’re not using concealer, you might get maybe 3 or 4 hours of wear time before problem spots start to become more visible again.

On their website, Benefit lists the following claims:

“BIG results!
97% said it balanced moisture & oil*
90% said it visibly smoothed & evened out skin texture*
93% said it visibly improved skin’s appearance*
100% said it had a lightweight finish*”

I think I’ll start by addressing these claims as far as my own experience goes. First, is that it balances moisture & oil. I have no idea how to address this. I don’t know what guidelines they’re using to measure this claim, but what I can tell you is that personally, my skin doesn’t feel any different after having used this product consistently for about 3 or 4 months. I still have oily skin and I still have dry skin too. I’ve had combination skin my whole life, and I honestly don’t think there’s a makeup out there that can truthfully claim to change that. However, after wearing this product, and I can tell you that it didn’t feel heavy or oily on my skin, and it didn’t make my skin feel anymore dry that it normally does. I won’t say that it left me feeling moisturized, but it didn’t leave me feeling dry, so I guess we’ll cal that a good thing. The second claim is that it visibly smoothed and evened out skin texture. I want to know how long these people were using the product. Because, as usual, I’m left feeling like my skin is the problem, and not the product. I mean, 90% is a big number. My skin still feels the same. I have bad acne, and I have dry skin. Visibly, my skin doesn’t look any different. So, for me, at least, I’m going to nip that one. The third claim is that it visibly improved skin’s appearance. I’m going to nip that one too. My skin is still the same. The last claim, I can go ahead and confirm for you. It does feel lightweight. It feels nice. It doesn’t feel like makeup.

So.. shall we get onto the wear test?

Here’s how the product looks when first applied. Like I said, I didn’t use any concealer for this. I applied it with my fingers all over the skin. I then added more over blemishes and spots, until I achieved what I call ‘maximum’ coverage for this product. I then went over it with a loose powder, because like I said before, on oily or combination skin, this simply isn’t going to last without a powder. It doesn’t completely camouflage major blemishes, but it calms them down, which in the summer time, is all I can really ask for when I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. I also mixed it with an orange lipstick to cover up my dark circles. Another thing I love about the coverage is that in areas where you don’t want a lot of coverage, you can still see your skin through it. I have freckles on the bridge of my nose, and if you apply a light layer over the skin, you can still see them. Coverage wise, I’d give this one a thumbs up as far as BB creams go.

image (1)

I’ll apologize for the camera quality, all I have to work with right now is my iPhone and crappy lighting. As you can see, I have bad skin. I have a lot of blemishes, and they’re not completely covered up, but they’re camouflaged enough that I have no problem leaving the house like this. I then added blush and bronzer and whatnot, and proceeded to go about my day. About 2-3 hours later, I snapped another photo:

image (4)

As you can see, the coverage over my problem areas has started to wear down. It’s also almost completely worn off my undereye area at this point. So, I’d say that this product really isn’t great for around the eyes. It doesn’t seem to have any staying power in that particular area of my face. I’d recommend pairing it with a concealer for at least the undereye area. But in general, as far as the blemishes are concerned, I’m still not mad at it. It’s not looking flawless, but I’m not worried about it just yet. The last photo I took was at night, right before washing my face. I’d say I’d worn it pretty much all day at this point, at least 8-10 hours.

image (5)

As you can see, it now looks like I’m not wearing makeup anymore. So, I’d say this product is probably meant for those of you with nearly flawless skin. If you’re self-conscious about your skin, and your’re the type of person who can’t go out with a visible blemish, this product probably isn’t for you. Me, personally, I try to not wear a lot of makeup unless I’m working a job, so this is fine for me. But, as I said before, this product doesn’t seem to have great staying power, at least on my skin. If I didn’t have an oil problem, I think maybe it might have a little more staying power, but I can’t be sure.

Anyway, I guess my final opinion of this product is that it’s overall a good product. It gets the job done, and it’s pretty middle of the line as far as the BB creams I’ve tried in the past. I won’t say that some of the claims they make about the product are true, because after several months of working with it, I’d say my skin is no different now than it was before I purchased the product. What I will say is that it’s got nice coloring, and the formula feels great. It’s lightweight, and it’s got that ‘no makeup’ feel to it. So if that’s what you’re looking for, go out and grab it.

As always, kids, remember to take a walk on the dark side once in a while.