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Wedding fun.

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Wedding Makeup

It’s wedding season, so I spent my weekend doing makeup. Here are a few quick shots. The lighting is pretty terrible in all of them, sorry folks. I used a whole mesh of products, and I can’t for the life of me remember what I used on who. Mostly Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, MAC, Milani, and Tarte, some others mixed in. It was a long and busy morning, so I didn’t take time to note everything I used on each person. So anyway, here are a few photos of the bride (again, sorry for the terrible lighting):

And here are a couple shots of a few of the bridesmaids I worked on:

That’s all for now, makeup freaks.


Hey all,

I’m really bad at this blog thing. I started a new job last fall, and it’s been really time consuming and stressful, and I’m making excuses, but long story short, I now have a lot more time on my hands for the time being, so, here’s a post. I’m just going to throw some pictures of the Halloween shoot I did last fall with my sister and Wayne Tarr. He’s an awesome photographer based out of St. Albans, VT. And my sister is now Miss VT, so she’s crazy busy, but I’m sure she’ll want pictures of her in creepy unflattering makeup all over the place. So here are some of my favorites.

Happy haunting!